Alternative Rock Festivals of 2015

Top Alternative Rock Festival in the United States

Alternative rock festivals are usually done outdoors, but there are also some cases in which these musical events are conducted indoors. Europe is the epicenter of this type of festivals which are attended by thousands of people each year and where all artists dream of being in order to show what their music is all about.

Coachella is a very popular alternative rock festival that takes place in the Coachella Valley. Coachella festival takes place over the course of three days. During these days, you can enjoy a variety of musical numbers of all genres and styles but predominantly alternative rock music. This festival takes place in the city of Indio, California. The first festival was held in October 1999 and some twenty-five thousand people attended.

Top Alternative Rock Festivals in Europe

Pinkpop Festival takes place once a year in Landgraaf, Netherlands. The first event of Pinkpop Festival was held in 1970 in Geleen. It was a huge success even from the beginning. Since 2007, there has been the Pinkpop Festival Classic which is for a more mature audience, that has several well-known artists who have participated in past decades in the Pinkpop Festival.

The Primavera Sound festival attracts more than 80,000 people each year. It takes place during the first 3 days of June, and the Spanish city of Barcelona is the epicenter of this festival. This festival is a precious space for alternative artists because they can show their work to a large audience that is particularly focused on listening. A lot of musicians around the world are invited each year to join this festival. Some of the most renowned artists who have passed through the Primavera Sound’s stage are The Cure and Björk. The festival Glastonbury performing arts develops over a three days period. This musical event takes place during the summer in Pilton, Somerset, England. The first event of the festival took place during the 1970s and had a strong influence on hippie music. Over the years, the festival of Glastonbury has grown in popularity, and thus, more people go to it. Currently, the event is attended by more than 150,000 individuals.

Top Alternative Rock Festivals in Australia

The musical festival Soundwave takes place in several of the largest cities of Australia. The show originated in the city of Perth and in 2007, it began being conducted in different cities. The concerts are held in the open and lasts a full day. Tickets for the event are usually sold out many months in advance due to the great public demand.

On the other hand, Groovin Moo is an alternative music festival which is held every year during the month of May in Australia. Local and artists from around the world gather at the outdoor venues to showcase their work in cities such as, for example, Bendigo, Bunbury, Townsville and Maitland in New South Wales. Each Groovin the Moo festival ends with some of the best musical numbers from the US, Canada, UK and Germany artists. Generally, these artists are those who have had the most sales throughout the year.

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