Why We Built It

Alternative rock stopped being alternative for a very brief period back in the 1990’s, and then it went back to being alternative again. However, the mainstream music world has become very fragmented since then. There are no huge rock stars on the level of people like Kurt Cobain any more. Often times, people will stumble upon their favorite new artists, who are not going to have the means to market themselves as effectively as the major rock stars of old. We created this website in order to give a fantastic local alternative rock band some exposure, while also helping to give the genre itself the exposure that it deserves.

People will learn all about the band in question when they visit the website. They will be able to download tracks from them with a very small download fee, and they will be able to purchase CD’s and vinyl records from them if that’s what they want, depending upon their personal preferences. People who are interested in seeing the band perform will get all sorts of alerts on their next performances, along with discounts on shows. This is the place to be in order to appreciate this band.